Complete List of Cool Funny Puzzles!!

When it closed he would peek, once opened, even angry?
ANSWER : the rickshaw ride in the rain

Look for it hard, once obtained, directly disposed of?
ANSWER : clean the nostrils

Door what has been driven by 5 people do not want to open, but not locked?
ANSWER : doors that have an inscription "pull"

Normal people sleep easy if hunchback her how?
ANSWER : close eyes

Why all the vehicles stopped when he saw a flashing red light at the crossroads?
ANSWER : because the brakes

Equality car ride and ride a motorcycle?
ANSWER : the car ride, when fit again rain will not rain if more heat is also not going to overheat. people riding motorcycles also if longer fitting the rain will not overheat, if more heat is also not going to rain

When sleeping, she stood up. rota stands, he just slept. who is he?
ANSWER : toe

What possessed only by the sow, but not owned by the other animals?
ANSWER : piglets

Why pedal a bicycle must use the foot?
ANSWER : because, if shamans burn skewers, so the hungry patients

A grandfather who could fly?
ANSWER : grandfather mosquitoes

He is colorful, there are red, yellow, green, light brown, dark brown to one. who is he?
ANSWER : bob Marley sign scout

Why children like jumping frog?
ANSWER : his name is also children, please be advised

Are animals most hated by seals?
ANSWER : sea cat

Cock crowing that his eyes must have braked, why?
ANSWER : because he memorized his text

Why a piglet child when walking with head down?
ANSWER : because she was embarrassed to have the mother pig

Money that was thrown so what?
ANSWER : bone of contention

What's the difference chickpea with trousers?
ANSWER : long beans that are cut, his name will remain long beans. but, if the trousers are cut, its name will be changed into shorts

What is the quickest way to fatten weight naturally?
ANSWER : entrance to the beehive

If black practically clean, but if white instead say dirty?
ANSWER : chalkboard black

Which makes not require, who need not order, were ordered not to wear
ANSWER : tombstones and coffins

Why are people afraid of the rain?
ANSWER : because the gang brave rain

Gasoline mixed with what, the only one liter can circumnavigate the globe?
ANSWER : gasoline mixed thrust

Three men managed to steal a calendar, how many parts for each?
ANSWER : each can 4 months

What animals are black, white, and red?
ANSWER : zebra colds, then scraped

A man without the ability to swim drowned in the sea, the emergence of where?
ANSWER : in the news media

What's the difference honeymoon first with a second honeymoon?
ANSWER : the honeymoon first wife who would shout "haaaa .. really big" but if a second honeymoon turns her husband shouted "haaa .. really wide"

Try mentioned four names of fruits in one second
ANSWER : a salad

Which has in outside, guests hiding inside?
ANSWER : people riding a rickshaw

Why pig smells bad?
ANSWER : because his armpits, amounting to 4

Why storks fly south in November?
ANSWER : because if the walk would take a lot of time

Why pharmacies use the symbol snake with glass?
ANSWER : because if the pharmacy emblem is an elephant, then the glass may break

Why seals have a mustache?
ANSWER : because it would scare a cat sea

Why the fuck that certainly fumble?
ANSWER : because love is blind

Why puppeteers bring a dagger when the puppet show?
ANSWER : because if take the stove, his wife can not cook

Why airplanes not anyone stopping over?
ANSWER : because there was no traffic cop

Why rain down from above?
ANSWER : because if dropped from below, its name is the fountain

Why batman wear a mask?
ANSWER : because it embarrassed her panties visible

What is the most extreme sport?
ANSWER : chess. because they have dared to lift a horse and king

Why can American countries move forward faster?
ANSWER : because there, toddlers alone is smart to speak English

Why is beauty more important for a woman than intelligence?
ANSWER : because the number of blind men less than men stupid

What marine animals are the oldest?
ANSWER : shrimp, already old, whiskered anyway

Mention the advantages monkey today?
ANSWER : a monkey today already on smart funny puzzle read on the internet

After this month, tomorrow what month?
ANSWER : next month

Animal what its foot seven?
ANSWER : dog pee talking to cats

If all the poor become rich, the rich so what?
ANSWER : so many

Continue if everyone who is rich become poor, poor people so what?
ANSWER : so wonder

Birth the Arabic, the big in Arabic, but could not speak Arabic, who is he?
ANSWER : camels

What a difference a skirt with a rocket?
ANSWER : rocket upwards increasingly becoming less visible, but if the skirt upwards increasingly more visible

What a difference a good secretary to the secretary sexy?
ANSWER : if the good secretary greeted the boss with a "good morning sir", but if the secretary sexy "is already morning sir"

What most small hole in the world?
ANSWER : ass hole. in fact, the wind has to scream to get through

What is the function of the brakes on motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles?
ANSWER : for speeding. without any brakes, riders also will not dare race

This person shampooing every day, but never wet hair. why?
ANSWER : because he has no hair